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FLASHBACK - T&T Women U-17 vs Panama's U-17.Trinidad and Tobago’s Women’s National Under 17 team made a much better start they had in the previous outing but couldn’t hold on to a two goal lead as they closed off their two-match tour of Mexico with a 5-2 defeat to that country’s Under 17 Women’s team on Saturday.

First half goals by Brianna Ryce in the 23rd minute and Khadidra Debesette in the 20th left the visitors ahead 2-0 at half time but the home team hit back in quick succession after the break.

Tanya Samarzich led Mexico’s comeback with goals in the 54th , 62nd and 65th minutes while  Fabiola Ibarra (61´) and Christina Murillo (81´) added further items.

T&T head coach Even Pellerud was impressed by his team’s start.

“An outstanding first half sent us to the locker room with 2-0 lead. The Team played with good tactical shape and did not allow a strong Mexican team anything in the first half. Brianna and Khadidra capitalized for us and gave us good confidence going out for the 2nd half,” Pellerud said.
“The work ethic was tremendous but the Mexico City altitude started to take a toll on our players and we allowed the good shooters in the Mexico Team too many shots from distance. Unfortunately, this was the day that our usually solid goalkeeper had 45 minutes of technical collapse, 4 out of the 5 goals were due to strange mistakes on her part.
“Over 90 minutes has a Team with better skills and created enough goal scoring chances to win the game. Our players had good moments, but still do not possess the ability to perform in a consistent manner. At crucial times, we mentallybroke down and good teams are punishing us.
“These 2 matches have been very helpful for us, and provided the match training we so desperately needed,” Pellerud concluded.

Venue- Centro de Alto Rendimiento de la F.M.F
Score- 5 (Mexico) - 2 (Trinidad and Tobago)
Goalscorers- Brianna Ryce (23´), Khadidra Debesette (30´) ; Tanya Samarzich (54´, 62´,65´), Fabiola Ibarra (61´), Christina Murillo (81´)
T&T Line-up
Saundra Baron (GK, Captain)
Khadisha Debesette (DEF)
Camille Borneo (DEF)
Rehana Omardeen (DEF)
Annette Mims (DEF)
Khadidra Debesette (MF)
Kayla Taylor (MF)
Victoria Swift (MF)
Shante Helwig (MF)
Brianna Ryce (FOR)
Jo-Marie Lewis (FOR)
1. Danielle Mc Phun (Shante Helwig 9´)
2. Camille Charles (Victoria Swift 45´)
3. Kedisha Castillo (Rehana Omardeen 65´)
4. Jasmine Sampson (Danielle Mc Phun 67´)