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Khadidra & Khadisha DebesetteFootball in Trinidad & Tobago is very popular and has established its place among the sports enjoyed by the country’s citizens. This globally loved sport has, however, attracted not only the interest but the devotion of a set of twins from Southern Trinidad, who started their football career from as early as nine years old.

Khadisha and Khadidra Debesette have represented their country over fifty times, since making their national debut in 2008.

The siblings are members of the Trinidad & Tobago team which will compete in the 2013 CFU Women’s Under-20 Finals scheduled to be played in Jamaica from October 18-27. They were also part of the team during the preliminary round of the Tournament.

Khadidra plays defence while Khadisha is a striker in the national team. While they are prominent football players, they are also avid fans of the international game. Khadidra identifies Real Madrid forward and Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo as the player she most admires, while Khadisha is a fan of Chelsea defender and England international Ashley Cole.

According to Trinidad and Tobago’s Team Manager Lyndell Hoyte Sanchez, the talent and discipline the twins demonstrate at the national level was evident in their exploits in domestic football. “Over the last two years Khadidra and Khadisha have represented La Brea, which is one of the top teams in the National Women’s League, where they have scored fifty three goals between them. The Twins display a positive attitude on and off the field and are an inspiration to their teammates and other youth players in our Women’s Programme.”

Khadidra and Khadisha’s local club team is the La Brea Angels Women’s team, which appears to be the bedrock of their family’s love for football, as their father played on the La Brea Angels Men’s Team.

Khadisha remembers the first time she represented her country in an Under-17 World Cup game held in Trinidad & Tobago which her team won: “This feeling was one of the best I have had since the start of my football career. When I walked through the tunnel and saw hundreds of Trinidadians applauding and cheering us on, I felt something I had never felt before, and, best of all, I was part of the winning team!” Khadidra was just as elated as her sister about this particularly special moment in her football career. “It was really an honour to have represented my country in the FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup Finals in September, 2010. The team played with their heart and soul and as a result we won the match.”

The twins appear set to continue their record of achievement, as a team, even after football. They are currently enrolled at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, where they are pursuing the Bachelor of Science Degree in Education.