The issues surrounding the acquisition of travelling documents for the Trinidad and Tobago women’s Under-17 football team preparing to head to Puerto Rico next month were settled on Thursday as the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFA) was able to secure funding for the visas and passports for the team members.

According to Tim Kee, the TTFA was able to finalise all expenses regarding the upcoming trip to Puerto Rico for the U-17 team.

“The U-17 Team has been taken care of,” he said. “We have found all $23,000 that it has cost us to acquire the visas for the players, as well as passports, as well as over $200,000 to take care of the other expenses that would have incurred naturally when you have a tournament as this.”

The TTFA president had made a plea of help to the parents of the U-17 charges involved in the national set up.