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NFA to decide on Harford’s successor today.

Despite word that former national goalkeeper Ross Russell was elected as its new president on Boxing Day (December 26), the sitting executive of the Northern Football Association (NFA) is slated to hold its annual general meeting (AGM) which has on the agenda, the election for a new executive today.

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Rayshawn Mars, Secretary of the Northern Football Association

Rayshawn Mars, the general secretary of the Northern Football Association (NFA), said yesterday's meeting which was called by some clubs in the zone was not convened by the general secretary according to the zone's constitution.

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Coach Anthony "Dada" Wickham with his Trendsetter Hawks Boys U-11 team as they face QPCC FC at the Semifinals of the Republic Bank Youth League at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Arima on June 29th, 2019. PHOTO: Allan V. Crane

Desperation has stepped in among the membership of the Northern Football Association (NFA).

Some 14 out of the 19 clubs have vowed to take any action necessary to run their own affairs in the league, as the executive has not acceded to their request for this year's annual general meeting (AGM) and election of a new executive, which they feel can take place at a venue that is big enough and suitable for the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

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