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After more than 20-plus years under the same administration, central football has gotten a new executive. On Wednesday night, at the zone’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election of Officers at Woodford Lodge, Chaguanas, businessman Shymdeo Gosine was elected unopposed as president of the Central Football Association (CFA) for a four-year term.

He has replaced long-serving president Bryan Layne, who had made it quite clear that he was not seeking re-election to office. In fact, no member of the previous executive under Layne’s leadership contested the elections, which means that Gosine and his entire slate were voted in without a challenge. 

Apart from Gosine, Wendell Collymore, of Central Soccerworld, has now become the new first vice president of the CFA, while Allan Logan, of Perseverance United, is the second vice president. Assistant secretary of administration is Jimmy Henry, of Harlem Strikers, and David Ramkhelawan, of the Referees Association, is the assistant secretary of operations. 

The two ordinary members are Anthony Job, of Leeds FC, and Raymond Superville, who is a livewire in the Chrisee Trace, Enterprise, area and who usually organises major tournaments. The general secretary, it is understood, will be chosen sometime this week on the advise of the new president.  

Layne and other members of the previous executive were at the venue to hand over the reigns of power. After the election, Gosine immediately hit the ground running by saying an official office at the Hugo Francis Recreation Ground at Woodford Lodge Ground will be constructed and the facility will become the official headquarters of the Central zone. 

The new leader of the Central zone also said he has already held talks with the Mayor of Chaguanas about constructing a facility and they will have further discussions on it soon. Meanwhile, Gosine said he has also immediately commissioned a website to be up and running for central zone football and it will be completed by no later than next week. 

Gosine, who is the managing director of Harlem Strikers, explained that he did not want to be too hasty and will have to get information on a number of matters before he can go forward. “I am happy that there is finally a change in central football, but my biggest concern is finding out where the CFA is in terms of the books, in terms of how much money is left in the accounts etc and what do I have to work with,” Gosine explained. 

The new CFA boss has already embarked on a fact-finding mission, in which a database of all the stakeholders will be done, so that the association can work on making progress. 

“This is critical for the association to move on. We must get a database on all the referees, coaches, the players etc and find out what is needed and how to go about introducing and implementing programmes to help them and the area they are in, which will eventually assist the clubs, the league and the sport,” Gosine explained. 

Gosine, who has been a major critic of the prize structure in Central football also made it clear that this will definitely be changed for the coming season. In fact, the new CFA boss has said that the team that won the FA Cup will benefit from an immediate increase in the prize money although the competition has already been completed. 

“I have already asked the sponsor of that tournament to increase the winning prize from $3,000 to $10, 000 and Nal Ramsingh, has agreed to do so,” Gosine. 

The second prize for the FA Cup has also been increased from $2,000 to $5,000 and the clubs will receive this at a prize-giving ceremony set for New Year’s Day. 

Gosine said he will open the doors of the CFA to anyone with suggestions that will be helpful to the better running of the organisation and he gave the assurance that individuals appointed to conduct the work of the CFA will be hired based on their qualifications and experience.


SPoRTT names Phillips as head.
T&T Guardian Reports.

Former national cyclist and current cycling promoter Michael Phillips, has been appointed chairman of the Sports Company of T&T (SPoRTT).

Phillips replaces Dudnath Ramkessoon, who held the position for the past seven months. Phillips has years of management experience as the managing director of Phillips Promotions and owner of bike store Mike’s Bikes. 

Through Phillips Promotions, Phillips has been one of the top cycling promoters in the country, hosting popular events such as the Beacon Cycling on the Avenue and the Michael Phillips Republic Day Cycling Classic. Phillips has also served as president of the T&T Cycling Federation.

Phillips, who is currently out of the country, is looking forward to his new assignment. In a release last night, he stated, “I am honoured to be asked to serve as the chairman of SporTT. 

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the Honourable Minister of Sport, Darryl Smith, as we are both motivated sporting enthusiasts. I will do my best to have sport in T&T benefit from a structured and innovative approach to management. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.”