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The Central Football Association (CFA), under new president Shymdeo Gosine, has set new standards for the 2016 season.

On Tuesday, general secretary Clynt Taylor announced that the selection of the zone’s top team will now take into consideration factors such as:

- teams which did not default

- participation in zonal activities

- behaviour

- discipline 

- achievements 

This means a team can finish last but still capture the major team award. The new board will meet on Monday at 7 pm at the newly refurbished CFA headquarters at Woodford Lodge to decide on Team and Coach of the Year awards. 

Taylor said if a team was given the team of the year prize strictly on the basis of its achievements, it would exclude the other key factors. He made it clear his association will focus on the overall development of players with a strict no-nonesense policy on indiscipline and behaviour. Due to this approach, the zone will take severe action on the use of obscene language. 

“We in the central zone want to make a difference. We don’t want the team of the year award to be based primarily on winning and therefore players and teams must know that when they are awarded, they are truly deserving of it. We are about total development for players and community,“ Taylor said Tuesday. 

He pointed out that players must be able to bring their children and families to matches and feel confident they will be around a disciplined crowd. 

Last year, Perseverance Ballrunners copped the lion’s share of awards, winning both the League Cup and the Hugo Francis Knock Out titles to put them in a position for the team of the year. 

On the other hand, Fire Services and Central Soccerworld, who both captured the Championship Premier League and the Ramsingh Sports FA Trophy respectively may have narrowed the search for the zone’s champion team but Taylor, in delivering the position of the new CFA, said it will not be so. 

According to Taylor, the coach of the year and Player of the Year awards will also be chosen following a similar criteria.

The Guardian understands that Fire Services coach Jeffrey Samuels is tipped to walk away with coach of the year award. His team was crowned the Premier Division champions while Central Soccerworld received the the Ramsingh Sports FA Trophy award. Perseverance Ballrunners copped the League Cup and the Hugo Francis Knock Out Cup.

Joel Cox was adjudged Referee of the Year while Perseverance United won the Fair Play prize.