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Three CFA execs suspended.

Three executive members of the Central Football Association (CFA) were suspended yesterday after they were found to have violated the constitution.

Two of the persons Jimmy Henry of Leeds FC who is the CFA’s assistant secretary and ordinary Board member Anthony Jobe received suspension letters yesterday from the association’s General Secretary Clynt Taylor, which emanated from an emergency meeting last week.

The third person Raymond Superville, another ordinary member was expected to receive word of his suspension also yesterday evening.

Henry was charged with writing to the TTFA requesting an investigation into the process of voting which was aimed at removing the association’s representative to the Board of the TTFA Samuel Saunders. In a two page document on Henry alone, the association also found Henry guilty of allegations of impropriety against the CFA advising potential sponsors against funding the CFA: investigating individuals without the knowledge or approval of the CFA on its behalf which jeopardizes the profession of individuals: violating due process of law and the rules of the CFA, TTFA and FIFA and reported threats to other members of the CFA.

Both Jobes and Superville were charged with being signatures to a letter sent to the TTFA for an investigation into the process of voting; making false and misleading allegations against the Board and members of the CFA and violating the due process of law and rules of the CFA, TTFA and the FIFA. Taylor explained further that Superville also faced automatic expulsion having missed four consecutive Board meeting, which is considered a major violation of the constitution.

Guardian Media Sports understands that Superville missed a whopping 10 out of 11 Board meetings of the central association.

The members were informed that Article 14 (3) of the constitution requires that all contact with other members during the suspension until lifted, must be observed and all rights as a member during the provisional suspension has been lost. The matter is expected to be tabled at the association’s next General Meeting for confirmation at a date to be determined, upon which, they will be notified of a date of the hearing of the matter.


CFA members in suspension battle.
By Joel Bailey (Newsday).

THE EXECUTIVE of the Central Football Association (CFA) have engaged in a war-of words with a few of its members over their desire to have current representative Samuel Saunders removed from the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) board of directors, and the subsequent issuing of provisional suspension letters to Jimmy Henry (secretary administration) and Anthony Jobes (ordinary member).

According to the letter, which was obtained by Newsday, “the Board of Management in the Central Football Association hereby notifies in accordance with Article 14 (1) of the CFA Constitution that Leeds FC (of which Jobes is a member) was suspended with immediate effect.” Henry is a member of the Ball Runners FC but it alleged that his provisional suspension is a result of his club’s support towards Saunders.

Jobes, in a telephone interview yesterday, related, “We were fighting a battle with Saunders. He was the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee and he represented CFA at the TTFA Board.” Alleging that there is a major rift between Saunders and CFA president Shymdeo Gosine, Jobes said, “He wants to get rid of Saunders but we’re saying no. That is a personal thing, that have nothing to do with football. From there, things have not been going well.”

About any desire to respond to the letter, Jobes stated that a meeting was planned, with Saunders and Henry, to determine their next course of action. However CFA general secretary Clynt Taylor is adamant that the issue have been ongoing since last June and he also slammed the TTFA for their tardiness in dealing with the matter.

“We’ve been dealing with an issue for close to a year and it started simple, (over) who is representing the Central Football Association at the (TTFA) board level,” said Taylor.

“That was the central issue.” Taylor stated, “We took a decision because Saunders had refused to meet with us at a board, at our level. He never met with us to discuss representing us. We took a decision in June last year to have him replaced.” However, the CFA general secretary admitted, “When we sent the info to the TTFA, the TTFA resisted our efforts. They kept ignoring us and pretending they did not hear us. We kept writing them and let them know the position of the (CFA) board.”