Tue, Jul


THE Eastern Football Association (EFA) season wants new teams and young footballers to join its ranks for the 2017 season which kicks off with a double-header on July 22.

“We have six new teams which have never played Association Football,” stated EFA president Linus Sanchez, who is hoping that others join up as well.

Sanchez’s administration is in just its second year, having been installed in November, 2015. But he already knew that something had to be done to revive Association Football, which is currently a pale shadow of its former self.

“Of the 11 teams which played with us last year, only four were youth based,” Sanchez said. “One had a 42-year-old playing and when the match finished, they drew a cooler and started drinking.”

The EFA president said the goal is to reinvigorate EFA football with an injection of new, young talent.