Thu, Mar


THE EASTERN Football Association of TT (EFATT) passed a vote of no confidence, and a motion of dismissal, by 11 votes to nil, against its president Linus Sanchez, on Thursday evening, at an extraordinary general meeting at the Tunapuna Secondary School.

The 11 clubs, out of 14 registered in the EFATT, who were present at the meeting were Terminix FC, Malabar FC, La Horquetta XF, Red Hill FC, Creek SCC, WASA FC, Pinto Road United SC, FC Maloney, Bon Air FC, Hearts of Maloney and Trinity Rangers.

First vice-president Kamau Bandele, who chaired Thursday’s meeting, was elected as the interim leader.

The vote of no confidence was moved by Julius Edwards of Malabar FC and that was seconded by ex-national defender Shurland David of FC Maloney. And the motion of dismissal was moved by Lennon James of WASA, with La Horquetta’s Dave Quamina seconding.

The members accused Sanchez of poor leadership skills, a lack of transparency and unfair treatment towards the clubs.

Bandele, a retired WASA employee, acknowledged, “It (was) a sad day. Once more than 50 per cent of your members make a request for an extraordinary general meeting, the board of management have to accede.”

He noted, “As far as I’m aware, the EFA is guided by its own constitution, although it falls under the umbrella of the TTFA. I think certain decisions surrounding the EFA can be made at this level.”

But Sanchez continues to remain defiant, insisting that Thursday’s meeting was unconstitutional since the clubs who attended were all non-compliant.

“There is no financial proof that these clubs paid,” said Sanchez. “I had demanded to see the financial transactions for 2018 in an executive meeting. That was met with an unpleasant response.”

He insisted, “(The meeting) does not affect me. I am still unfazed by it. That gathering (on Thursday) was unconstitutional.”

Sanchez continued, “They’ll have to send a correspondence with what transpired to the TTFA (TT Football Association). The TTFA, as the governing body, is going to call on me to respond with a report. I have my report ready and waiting.

“All of this happened because I was dissatisfied with our first audited statement. It showed we had no checks and balances. I merely sought to see an improvement in the next audit report (2017) which is due (at) the end of next month. I asked to see an income sheet and an expense sheet.”

Sanchez saidthe TTFA, in their request for a report about Thursday’s meeting, would want a list of the members who voted as well as proof of their payment of membership fees in accordance with the TTFA’s compliance rule.

Bandele, a soft-spoken and reserved individual, does not see himself as the long-term president of the EFATT.

“It’s not my intention to hold on to the (presidency) for any extended period,” he said. “I intend to have an electoral committee appointed as soon as possible, so we can have nominations and hold the elections for the president.”

Bandele continued, “I’m prepared to continue in the support base. But with this developing, I cannot stand by as a vice-president and leave the association in wonderland. I’ll do what is (required) but I don’t intend to hold on to the (presidency) indefinitely.”

But, at this moment, he hopes to get football started in the EFATT and have two other committees set up – disciplinary and appeals.