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SK Beveren's new captain. Sheldon Bateau

Sheldon Bateau (32) is the new captain of SK Beveren. The brand new captain must guide the yellow-blue ship towards promotion this year. The 32-year-old defender talks about his return to the Freethiel, his new role within the team, the slow start to the season and the ambitions of the team. “Everyone expects a lot from us”, Bateau says.

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Miami FC's Ryan Telfer in action during a USL Championship game against El Paso Locomotive FC at FIU Stadium, Miami, FL on August 5th 2023.

In the world of professional football, some players rise through the ranks effortlessly, while others embark on a challenging and winding path before finding their footing. One such player who epitomizes resilience and determination is Ryan Telfer, a name that has been making headlines with his recent performances for Miami FC.

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