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Hector Sam is expecting to be amongst the goals this season and is aiming his sights high, which is music to the ears of all involved with the club, but he knows he is going to be in a fight for the right to be in the starting line-up once the season commences.

Ray Williams believes the Trinidad & Tobago international is more than capable of boosting Vale's 'goals for' column and says Sam is well capable of hitting 15 goals.

The player himself has a lot of self-belief and thinks he can do even better than that.

He told us: "He says I am going to get 15, but I am thinking positive and am aiming for 27 or 28 goals. As a striker I just want to build my confidence and keep going.

"You have got to have the belief in yourself and I have got to set a high standard and a high target, so if I get there I'll be alright.

"I am looking forward to the season starting and looking forward to the competition in the team - Nathan, Billy, Lee - some great strikers here, so it's a bit of competition.

"Whether I am on the bench or on the pitch, I am not too worried, it's a team game. Whoever plays, as long as we win the game, I'm happy.

"That would be a big blow to my goal target, but you can't play every game, so you have to wait for your chance, but that's my belief, if you are on the bench or on the pitch, you have got to support the team."