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Lincoln Phillips, 80, teaching on the soccer field at Cedar Lane Park in Columbia. Phillips is a former soccer coach at Howard University who led the men's team to win its first NCAA Division I Championship in 1971. He lives in Columbia and is the founder of Lincoln Phillips Soccer School / Lincoln Phillips Goal Keeping Academy, a summer camp that teaches soccer to kids ages 6-17. (Jeffrey F. Bill/Baltimore Sun Media)

T&T’s legendary goalkeeper Lincoln “Tiger” Phillips has long been recognised for his contributions to the development of football, both in the US and at home, but on Wednesday, he received his crowning jewels when he was named the recipient of the Hummingbird (Silver) Medal.

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Learning from ourselves: Gally reflects on Strike Squad concept.

EVERALD 'GALLY' Cummings’ autobiography is an engrossing recollection of the football life of one of Trinidad and Tobago's elite sportsmen, from his beginnings in Newtown and the East Dry River, Port of Spain to his phenomenal development as a young footballer. He was selected at 15 to play for Paragon and, not long after, was called up for the T&T men's team, the youngest player to date to have that distinction.

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