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DIRECTV North East Stars will be holding open screening sessions for talented footballers aged 12 to 17. Succesful players will be invited to join the North East Stars youth teams in the Pro League's Oasis Youth League.

"Obviously, our long term aim is to develop talent to join our senior professional squad" said Stars' C.E.O. Brent Sancho. "but we also recognise that the 60 players making up our 3 youth teams will benefit in others ways through their involvement."
Sancho also said the club are actively seeking a Technical Director who will oversee all footballing aspects of the club.

"We are at the stage of the clubs development which requires a senior manager to develop an holistic programme to create a playing style that adapts to all North East Stars teams, from the senior Pro League squad, through the youth teams, right down to the 5 year olds in in our coaching school." said Sancho.

"The ability to obtain a playing style and ethos that can be carried by the player as he moves up through the teams to the senior squad, allows for a smooth transition for the developing player.

We have learnt this from our discussions with coaches at Ajax and F.C. Bruges, and this concept is evident at clubs like Man Utd and Arsenal, who have a great record of player development.It is crucial that we instil the North East brand of football into the psyche of all our players."
Anyone interested in the position of Technical Director can contact Sancho at
The open screenings for youth team players takes place on Sunday 16th and Sunday 23rd January at Ojoe Rd Recreational Ground, Sangre Grande, from 9am to midday.
Meanwhile, the Malta Carib North East Stars Coaching School resumes on Saturday 8th January at Ojoe Rd. Registration, including uniform costs $150. "We have some great coaches at the school" said Sancho. "We now have over 100 youngsters attending and its great to see their skills developing."