Sat, Sep


Well I cyar say this is a report but I will fill you in on some action that took place.

When I left the stadium when they had a small scuffle on the field Jabloteh had 9 men. Metro stars were leading 3-2 and it was non stop action ALL night.

If we are to qualify for Germany all we have to do is let the Jabloteh side put on the national colours and run out.

This team would have won the Copa Caribee with ease and we would have distressed the Americans on Ash wed.

Talk about Speed, tactical awareness, excellent possession, movement off the ball, fitness and most of all skills and aggression, with a real fighting spirit.

I saw it vs Tivoli gardens when they rough them up and manners them but tonight against the metrostars Jabloteh real play ball.

Metrostars took their chances well and the last goal was a real beauty a bullet from 30 yards.

The second item was a man running up the wing and crossing the ball for a player to slot home. I cant remember the first goal.

Jabloteh items were good a deadly cross was swung in and the deender fumbled with led to the jabloteh striker putting it away.

They second item was some neat passes, a long ball sent tru where nigel pierre flicked the ball with a back header unto the fwd who ran away and slotted home.

Jabloteh scored another but it was deemed offside.

This jabloteh squad was firing bullet at the post and there was a header on goal froma cross which came orf a defender. I dont know how it didnt score.

This is the first team to trap and pass accurately, plenty pretty flick and when they have the ball wich was about 70% of the time it was just wave after wave of attack and they look like scoring and they had a clue.

OVERS Stern John and Yorke and put in the jabloteh fwds who have speed and who running.

Nigel daniel have real speed and is the answer for the wingback position. The man was sending accurate pin point bullet crosses over and over with pressure on him, dribbling when necessary and he tackling good. Why he cyar make the squad is anyones guess when the man know what he doing.

Also the most talented midfielder we have right now not on the socawarriors team.......Aurthis whitley/Otis Seaton is the man.

Fellas the man good...he tackling, have a bullet, he moving into space, he have speed and he have beat and skills for days. Bertie and the ttff have to be real chupid to leave this man orf the side.

Even though Jab lorse its because they had 9 men and even still they were running and playing ball. When you watch team playing good ball like Jab you doe mind that they lorse, because you could say its hard luck, the amount of chances that were created and saved and the level of entertainment make you want to watch football.

As for Metrostars.........they didnt have a clue, they were chasing shadows whole game but when they got the fast break they fwds nippy and slot it home when it mattered.

Please TTFF/Bertie......the slow fwds we have ent cutting it. Trap and screen from Yorke and stern and the boom kick from the inefficient wingbacks ent cutting it.

Call back Shaka and Andrews and put in the Jabloteh team. We will make germany easy.