Tue, Jun


Former national footballer Nevick Denoon wants to see more opportunities being offered in the area of sport for the youth of Morvant/Laventille and environs.

The coach of Morvant Elements was speaking at the T&T Football Assocaition (TTFA)/Chevrolet Youth football community clinic at the Morvant Recreation Ground on Saturday at which some 110 youngsters took part in the clinic overseen by TTFA technical director Anton Corneal and a group of local coaches.

“We need more education in this area. We have a peaceful environment and that is a perfect way to get development. We have been advocating for the grassroots course to reach in an area like this,” Denoon said.

“We will appreciate whatever the TTFA can do to bring a higher level of education and coaching here as well as better infrastructure.”

He commended the TTFA for staging the clinic in Morvant and said he hoped the programme was continued in the area, something which TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee stated that he will make efforts to see this happen.

“For me this clinic is the ‘Mountain coming to Muhammad’ right now. We are really glad for this. Sometimes we feel ignored… we feel treated like a bastard child… this is Morvant, them fellas don’t want anything. We have produced and we continue to produce without much. We have the desire and passion but we don’t have the expertise. We need education and training in order to be more successful and hopefully this is a start of an ongoing process,” Denoon said.

The TTFA youth clinic campaign will continue in La Brea on March 8.