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......but Major development programmes for youth

Candidate for the presidency of the coming Northern Football Association (NFA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election of Officers Nevick Denoon is promising a bag of goodies and lots more, all aimed at enhancing the sport of football in the north zone.

Yesterday the former national striker revealed that he will ensure that major development programmes are implemented at the youth level, while at the senior level in the NFA teams will play for no money prize. He is convinced that a major stumbling block in the development of the sport at the senior level locally is that there is too much of an emphasis of the glorified cash prizes than the sport itself.

He promised that if he is voted in at the helm of north football that he will immediately remove the mandatory registration fee for clubs to gain entry in the leagues. “By having no registration fee, all clubs will have access to play football and since it is free, they will have more cash to properly outfit themselves for tournaments. They must come fully clothed in jersey, socks, pants and shin-guards” Denoon said.

He said the clubs will have to decide on what the prize money for the top four teams will be. “We will hold a meeting and the teams will decide how much money will be put to the prizes. For instance, if they want $20,000, then it will be that amount in gear and equipment from a popular sports store.”

In addition Denoon, who claimed to have stores the most amount of goals ever by a T&T player, has said that the top four teams will also be given trophies and medals. Apart from this, he is also offering huge discounts for players and teams at sports stores.

He explained that the reason behind him entering the race of the NFA presidency is because he felt betrayed by the person he voted for last term. “I voted for something and I never got it so I have decided to do it for myself” Denoon said. He will be contested by businessman and sports administrator Anthony Harford and former national midfielder, now turn coach Clint Marcelle when the elections are held sometime soon.

He told the Guardian that he also plans to introduce a lottery system for matches but the structure of this will be worked out soon, as well as major incentives for players, coaches and fans, such as a ‘Player of the Match’ for every game and a ‘Best Fan’ prize. “All these must ensure that football is put ahead of anything thing else. To sustain these promises major sponsorship will be sought and among the teams that will be participating will be a sponsors team.

Meanwhile there will be a major focus on development of the nursery for football is Denoon is elected as president of the NFA. And this will include development programmes, teaching of education of the game of football to the youth and the certification of all youth coaches. He explained also that he will take a personal interest in lobbying for these programmes to be implemented at the Primary Schools through the Ministry of Education.

He said this nursery will be the supplier to the youth teams and eventually our senior teams in the NFA and beyond. Meanwhile Denoon took a swipe at clubs desirous of supporting Harford for the coming election, saying he is not even a member of a club in the north zone.

“I cannot even understand how someone who is not from the zone can have an interest and be supported both others. Having Harford as president in the north is like bringing a stranger in your house and asking him to sort out pertinent issues with your wife and children” he concluded.