Thu, Jun


Former T&T goalkeeper Lincoln Phillips was a guest speaker at the opening of the inaugural edition of African Sports Business Association summit in Nairobi, Kenya last week.

“It’s not how good you are but how hard you work,” Phillips told the audience on Thursday in his keynote address.

“We didn’t look at the white people badly at the time, but instead we sympathised with them because we knew they had a problem. That was the height of the civil rights movement.” He also noted the importance of sport in personal development, adding that sport made him grow although he was not quite university material.

“I wanted to stay in the army and simply coach, but at the Pan-Am Games, I got exposed at many ways of getting an education and realised that you can use sport to get to where you want, and that’s when I added university education to my pro football contract.”

Phillips, now an international sports entrepreneur, led the famous Howard University to the national collegiate football championships title in 1971, becoming the first black football coach to reach the national finals.