Tue, Jun


There is no space for excuses, ifs and buts, not even a decent reason why the game in this country has plummeted into total misery to the fans.

In case you are in search of answers to the present dilemma, we must all look into a mirror, and identify the numbers of erroneous mistakes, or face the absolute realities of player behaviour, coach selection, preparatory process towards our target, desist from confrontation between the experts and the members of the hierarchy whose authority appeared to have eroded the path to success.

As we speak, the complacency which is presently existing from all the stakeholders simply means that there is not organised method as to what is the next move.

Maybe they should take the primary step in assessing the true picture of the current quality of our recent matches, try to understand why the same players have deteriorated in their attitudes and by extension, their on the field performances, if we judge their contributions over the past three years.

It makes no sense worrying about the month-long inclusion of our Belgian friend whose arrival to this job is as mysterious as we have never expected.

While the corrective methods to ultimate success should have been guided by every aspect of choice of players, coaches, psychologists, medics, and most importantly, a committee which consist of qualified personnel, all of whom must pay attention to his areas of qualification.

Am I dodging the issue of the day which seems to all, which is selection of the new coach? NO! The TTFA must seek technical and tactical information as to the deficiencies which were exposed within the entire programme.

Unfortunately, time is a key factor and getting a team in training could be initiated by the present staff available, but not yet appointed, just offering assistance to regain the enthusiasm which appeared lost among the players.

If the authorities reach to the conclusion of the present point of the road to Russia, then it will create a better picture as to what type of coaching expertise is needed for the journey.

The decision can then be made intelligently and not a repetition of a “fly by night” dream coach who wanted to turn water into wine, and TT dollars into Euros.

Our plan must be one which needs maximum efforts for facing the next eight matches, and a selected coach must have the experienced coaching staff to work with both eyes upon that target, but also glance further into the future where the sequence of using the present competent players (in his opinion), can connect with players who are probably aiming for their entry into that last world Cup effort.

The picture can project the total physical efforts of all the players, while the younger ones can glance further towards the GOLD CUP in 2019.

Attitudes will need to be addressed in a manner which will send a message to all and sundry, that nothing less than disciplined and assertive approach, full commitment to the task and extraordinary sacrifices which may be just what the coaching staff will need.

This may call for a very experienced coach, supported by vibrant coaching staff of maybe three of our up and coming technicians, whose temperament have reflected a picture of anxiety to learn and be excellent listeners to the selected Professor.

Finally, the most disrupted problems have been seen to be coming from the boardroom and THIS MUST DISCONTINUE. The administrative structure was chosen on the basis of their capabilities of administering the management of the game, not their tampering with players, coaches, doctors, and the media.

We are behind the eight ball and only the brilliant minds, like the Crawfords and Mottleys, The Laras and (late) Carews, add the geniuses like the late Sir Frank Worrell to the group.

If the current administrative novices are incapable, then, do like the ailing and seek the services of those who can guide you along the way.