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Even though he is no longer the technical director of the TTFA, FIFA and Concacaf coaching instructor and lecturer Anton Corneal is working along with the association to promote and develop its coaching education.

Corneal has been the head instructor at recent C license and Grassroots coaching courses set up and staged by the TTFA with over three hundred participants involved in 2017 so far with more courses on the schedule.

“There is a concerted effort to maximise the opportunity for development and growth of our local coaches and this is commendable,” Corneal said.

“All the developed football countries pay attention to this and it’s good to see the request for education here and the enthusiasm from the coaches. Of course you get the one or two coaches who believe they are already there but results always speak at the end of the day. What we will continue to do is guide them in the best possible way because the development of the game is what is most important,”Corneal said.

The TTFA intends to introduce a “B” license “course in early 2017 and will continue to utlize resources being made available by Concacaf and UEFA.

Participants must pass their final C license examinations which follow the course, in order to be eligible for the “B” license.