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The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association will host a three-day workshop in collaboration with UEFA which will focus on the Overview of Football in Trinidad and Tobago, the structure of the FA and a proposed plan for the T&T Pro League.

Following discussions with CONCACAF and UEFA led by TTFA President David John-Williams, UEFA has agreed to visit these shores to offer its expert advice during the three-day workshop.

Leading the contingent at the workshop which runs from April 4th-6th will be Eva Pasquier, head of international relations at UEFA. She has has also served as a FIFA Senior Development Manager, Europe and Oceania.

Promoting, protecting and developing football is one of UEFA’s central objectives, and to complement all the work done in Europe, UEFA has created a global programme which will increase solidarity and put Football First around the world.

Discussions during the workshop will be geared around the core objectives and strategy of the T&T Pro League, resource analysis and situational analysis; Good Governance – the legal structure of the Association/League and Clubs in T&T, the key elements to be considered when creating a new league structure; Creating a sponsorship strategy, building a sponsorship platform for the league and understanding what resources are required; Creating the League Brand and Digital Platforms – how to build a marketing platform that will engage all key stakeholders.

Pro League Interim CEO Julia Baptiste stated that the assistance from UEFA and the TTFA was most welcomed at this time.

“This particular initiative  is ideal for us at this  time as we strive to take the League to a higher level and towards being on a level that is similar to some of the more established leagues across the globe. Anything that will improve our capacity through proper guidance of personnel with an established track record such as UEFA is highly welcomed by the Pro League and will only auger well for the League its quest to improve for the future,” Baptiste stated.

Central FC owner Brent Sancho echoed similar sentiments, stating, “I  believe this is a welcomed and well received initiative for not only the club owners who have of course given life service towards developing the young people of this country and the league  in terms of charting a way forward.

“I think it is also a great initiative for stakeholders in this country such as the Government –  Ministry of Sport, Ministry of National Security and Ministry of Tourism with regards to sports tourism and corporate T&T and with all entities coming together, it can now foster and chart a way forward for professional football in this country which I believe that without such, will see a decline in our national programmes and an escalation in our social ill behaviour,” added the former National Player.

Among the presenters will be Kenny MacLeod, whose role  within the UEFA ASSIST Programme is to support developing Federations around the globe grow their commercial, media, digital marketing and match day knowledge. The other presenter is Efraim Barak who is an Arbitrator at the CAS-TAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport). He is one of the founders, a member and a member of the Board of RexSport, as well as a member of the International Association of Football Lawyers (AIAF)

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