Sat, Jun

Look Loy not satisfied with TTFA doc.

OUTSPOKEN director of the TT Football Association (TTFA) is not satisfied with the documents presented to him by the local governing body, regarding the construction of its Home of Football venture.

The US $2.5 million project, which is being built at Balmain, Couva (next to the Ato Boldon Stadium) has been steeped in controversy since work began in February 2018.

Look Loy has repeatedly called on TTFA president David John-Williams to disclose financial information on the project.

On March 20, High Court Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh ruled the disclosure of the documents to Look Loy, within the space of seven days, was in the public’s interest and the interest of transparency of the sport, locally and internationally.

According to Look Loy, “(My lawyer Matthew Gale) was asked to collect documents by the TTFA lawyer (Anand Missir) at 10.30 am (yesterday) at the TTFA office.

“I presented myself but I didn’t receive all the documents. I pointed that out to them.”

Look Loy, the president of the TT Super League, continued, “They gave me a list, five pages long, of at least a couple dozen contractors and sub-contractors but I received not one contract, neither did I receive any information on who approved these contracts or who decided on these contracts and who signed them. That’s the heart of the thing. I am not satisfied with that at all and my lawyer would take measures to enforce the court order.”

Look Loy insisted, “At four o’clock (yesterday afternoon), at the close of business, they did not observe in full the terms of the court order because they did not present all the court documents that the court ordered them to (do).”

Asked how he felt about the TTFA’s moves, Look Loy replied, “I went down there with an open mind, but I was not surprised not to receive all of the documents. I’ll leave it like that.”

Look Loy, a member of the TTFA board since January 2018, said, “I got some other documents too, regarding the timelines for completion, and the work schedules and things like that.

“I also got the ledger which is the record of expenditure of the TTFA from November 2015 to December 2018. That is an important document.

“But the contracts for the Home of Football and the information on who approved these contracts and who signed these contracts, I didn’t get that. We will see what the next three or four days brings.”