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I became extremely elated on reading that the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) was fully supportive of the position of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) in its imbrogolio with FIFA.

Perhaps I need to remind us that TTFA is the national body established by an act of Parliament and is the only legal body to represent and adjudicate in all matters pertaining to football in Trinidad and Tobago.

Elucidation of that point, coming from the Ministry of Sport would have assisted T&T in this intrusion by FIFA.

It was shameful to witness some of the biggest names in our soccer history ready to toss this elected executive to the Federation International Football Association (FIFA).

Even though we can be banned from football globally by FIFA, it would be a severe miscarriage of justice for this group of representatives who have not contributed in anyway to this state of affairs. While we would abhor that occurrence, there remain things supremely more important in life than a game of soccer.

Must we accept that words like honesty, principle, fairplay, integrity and always doing the right thing, have now been discarded from our society?

If that’s the case, then the Mighty Duke was right when he said in song— “We are running short of role models to inspire the children’’.

The TTFA executive needs our total support in challenging FIFA in this issue. I would suggest that this TTFA executive call on the five soccer federations to support this stance.

I expect some negative comments to be voiced but I am a believer in asking a question and getting an answer as opposed to not asking and assuming an answer. The message I am sending to the TTFA executive is to exploit every option open to them in dealing with FIFA.

Make the five federations— Africa, Asia, Concacaf, Europe and South America—aware of your plight and seeking their support is your trump card. Give this some serious thought. Always be bold when your back is against the wall. Don’t cringe under the audacity of FIFA.

Michael Franco
via e-mail

SOURCE: T&T Express