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Guaya United football Director Randy Hagley

Randy Hagley, the Guaya United owner, and managing director is calling for a one-club one-vote system to be introduced into football managed under the T&T Football Association (TTFA) administration as he believes it will solve many of the problems affecting the sport.

Hagley said this should be a priority for the soon-to-be-reinstalled Normalisation Committee, which will be led by businessman Robert Hadad of the HADCO Group of Companies.

Hagley who controls a club that truly epitomizes the community team and spirit that is being sought after he told Guardian Media Sports that the one-club one-vote system will stamp out corruption which is usually derived from the delegate system.

The Guaya United boss said on Friday: "I have been clamouring for this for a little while now, you see with all this Pro League, T&T Super League, and all those other Leagues, that delegation vote is a conspiracy theory. Take for instance me in the Super League, Guaya is the biggest team in the Super League, and at the last TTSL AGM, only four clubs or five clubs voted for Guaya and Petit Valley and these are two clubs that have following."

He noted further: "These men and dem who are presidents and whoever, does cook up dey panchayat to make sure their team vote for who, and that is wrong. So I say, let us cut out all that kind of foolishness. Once you are a member of the T&TFA and you've reached the required standard that TTFA wants with regards to the club license standard which all clubs around the world is supposed to follow as it is a FIFA guideline, once you meet that, your club is a member of the TTFA, you have one vote. In that way, you can vote for whoever you want. Nobody can't buy you and feel you're doing somebody a favour."

With the delegate system currently, clubs are represented by one or two chosen persons who may or may not represent the views of the clubs individually. Last year at the T&T Football Association Election at the Home of Football in Balmain Couva, the Super League was represented by eight delegates though the League comprises more than 21 clubs, Hagley said.

"Trinidad is too small for that. When you look at the population of T&T of 1.3 million, I am sure that the people who follow football are not half a million people and we cannot get it right. This is because everybody wants to be in charge."

At present the T&T Pro League clubs each have a vote at TTFA general meetings while all the other member association and zones are represented by delegates.

Hagley said the one-club one-vote system should be applied to the Pro League, Super League, the six Regional Associations- Northern FA, Southern FA, Eastern FA, Central FA, Tobago FA, and the Eastern Counties Football Union (ECFU) as well as for the parent football association (T&TFA) elections.

The Guaya United boss is also calling on the TTFA to take over the administration of all the tournaments, thereby doing away with the Regional Associations, Super League, and Pro League, and replace them with Divisions.

He said local football should now comprise of a First, second, Third, and Fourth Divisions.

Meanwhile, Hagley has called for total support for Jameson Rigues for the president of the TTSL, saying he has not received the support of the Board of Directors of the TTSL because he is from the countryside.

SOURCE: T&T Guardian