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Trinidad and Tobago defender Dennis Lawrence during a 2006 World Cup Qualifer against Bahrain at the Bahrain National Stadium, Manama, Bahrain on November 16th 2005. (Photo by Adam Davy - PA Images via Getty Images)

Dear Editor,

Tuesday marks the 16th anniversary of the iconic 2006 World Cup Qualifying (WCQ) victory in Bahrain when Dennis Lawrence scored the historic winning goal to help Trinidad and Tobago to book its spot in Germany 2006 World Cup.

The first leg on November 13th ended 1-1 with the Chris Birchall rocket of an equaliser at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo and three days later in Bahrain, T&T came away with a 1-0 victory courtesy of a Dennis Lawrence header.

It’s truly is sad for Dennis and also T&T football the current state of affairs that now nearly two years after having his (Lawrence) contract terminated by “United” TTFA in favour of the infamous Englishman, Terry Fenwick, he still has not received even one brass cent on his outstanding salary, bonuses and balance of his contract which incidentally includes his bonus payment for the historic WCQ win over the USA more than four years ago…..Yes, 4 years!

While United pledged to settle the amounts due by way of several misguided proposals which never transpired and inevitably led to their demise at the helm of T&T Football, their successors the so-called “Normalisation” Committee after 18 months of being in charge have treated the matter of Dennis’s arrears with total disrespect, apathy and unprofessionalism.

Their lack of concern, contact and communication while banking their monthly FIFA stipend/fees is a disgrace and a shocking way to treat a son of the soul and National Hero who has contributed more to T&T football than all of them put together.

What on earth are they doing to earn their stipend/fees with no apparent debt repayment plan, no press conferences or any plans to relaunch local and indeed National football in T&T.

To appoint another National Coach recently and let two FIFA windows pass by without any games that would benefit the players of T&T is ludicrous and just another example of their erratic and costly decision making.

How can FIFA/CONCACAF condone this lack of action while the whole football fraternity of T&T waits patiently for some leadership, motivation and guidance designed to resurrect the “corpse” of the “Beautiful Game” and give young aspiring footballers some hope once again?

The NC should be ashamed of themselves as they have so far patently not shown any sign of any positive moves to justify their appointment in March 2020 but are happy to pick up their monthly United States dollars stipends/fees while others get nothing.

If the NC does not do something tangible very soon the youngsters in T&T will lose interest in football and regretfully look elsewhere.

They have had enough time and action is way overdue for the NC to justify its appointment to the stakeholders, players and people of T&T not to mention the numerous creditors who have been treated abysmally by them. Thank God T&T can still celebrate its historic 2006 World Cup qualification.


Mike Berry,
Football Intermediary (The FA)

SOURCE: T&T Guardian