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Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) delegates have requested that the FIFA-appointed normalisation committee (NC) quickly conclude its mandate and hand the control of local football back to the Association.

As such, correspondence has been sent to the TTFA’s acting general secretary, Amiel Mohammed, requesting the convention of an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to ventilate pertinent issues.

Appointed by world football’s governing body (FIFA) in March 2020, the NC, chaired by businessman Robert Hadad, was given the mandate to liquidate the TTFA’s multi-million-dollar debt, amend the TTFA Constitution in line with FIFA statutes, and to call fresh elections.

The normalisation committee’s term is due to end in March. With the debt eradication process well under way, delegates have written to Mohammed requesting a general meeting.

“In keeping with article 29.2 of the TTFA Constitution, hereby request that the Normalisation Committee convene an extraordinary general meeting of the TTFA,” stated the correspondence addressed to Mohammed.

The correspondence bore signatures of delegates from TTFA members associations; Central Football Association, Eastern Football Association, Northern Football Association, Southern Football Association, Eastern Counties Football Union, TT WoLF, Referees Association, the Football Coaches Association and Secondary Schools Football League.

Within the correspondence the general purpose was to compel the normalisation committee to conclude its work and call elections.

The communique further stated: “Whereas FIFA had installed a normalisation committee in March 2020 to run the affairs of the TTFA, with a specific mandate to be completed within a period of two years ending March 2022, and whereas the tenure of this Normalisation Committee was extended for a further year ending in March 2023, and whereas the Normalisation Committee has had more than sufficient time to complete the mandate.

“Be it resolved that this Extraordinary General Meeting of the TTFA now strongly urge that the TTFA normalisation committee takes all steps to complete its mandate and to arrange for the election of a new Board of Directors to run the affairs of the TTFA as required by the Constitution of the TTFA, and that this be done in the shortest possible time, but no later than the month of March 2023,” it added.

SOURCE: T&T Express