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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the T&T Premier Football League (TTPFL), Colin Wharfe

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the T&T Premier Football League (TTPFL), Colin Wharfe, has entered the T&T Football Association (TTFA) presidential race.

Wharfe, officially announced his candidacy yesterday, declaring his readiness to contest the role after consulting with allies before deciding on a release ahead of the April 13 elections.

“This decision was not taken lightly. I have a long history of participation in local football, most recently steering the T&T Premier Football League, and being involved in crafting the medium-term strategy and plan for professional football,” said Wharfe in the release

“I had discussions with persons, within and outside of the football fraternity, about extending my involvement in local football administration. Their sentiments and encouragement have persuaded me to play a larger part in local football administration.”

He joins three other candidates, who have declared their intentions for the presidential role including president of the Veterans Football Foundation of T&T, Selby Browne, president of the Eastern Football Association, Keiron Edwards and Southern Football Association president, Dennis Latiff.

Last month at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the TTFA, at which 33 of the 47 members unanimously agreed to accept the changes to be made to the constitution, also invoked the right of the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee led by businessman Robert Hadad, to call fresh elections and conclude the mandate handed to them by the sport’s world governing body- FIFA, in March of 2020.

Wharfe is currently in charge of the TTPFL which is in its first full season. He has worked with T&T Pro League clubs and was the chairman of the Steering Committee of the 2022 Tiger Tanks Under-20 Tournament.

Expressing his awareness of the concern for the state of football in this country, he stated that he was ready to do his part.

“Following the ratification of the TTFA statutes and the subsequent announcement of the date for executive committee elections, T&T football is rapidly moving from normalisation to normalcy. There is a desire for change and I believe I can lead the change. The statutes, along with their enabling policies and procedures, if fully implemented and rigorously adhered to, provide a framework and guardrails to bring about the desired change at the TTFA,” said the CEO of the TTPFL.

He went on to cite his tenure in leadership roles during his professional career, which emphasizes his qualifications for the position according to Wharfe in the release.

“I bring a wealth of business leadership experience that is applicable and transferable to this job, he said.

“These were developed and nurtured during my 30-year career at one of the top professional services firms in the world; where I held senior leadership positions in the region and managed the local branches of several global client accounts.

“I possess the skills to advance the work that has already begun and of which I have been a part, so I decided to run for the post.”

He continued, “I feel compelled to seize the opportunity to lead an expanded team that will propel T&T football. I fervently believe that football can be a driver of societal engagement and national transformation, at a time when multi-faceted approaches are needed.”

He added, “Discussions are currently being finalised with individuals to comprise a diverse and professional team, and ‘The Slate’ will be revealed as we move ahead toward the elections.”

SOURCE: T&T Guardian