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We asked you to send us in your views on whether or not Steve Bruce was right to sign Dwight Yorke.

The former Villa hero was a last gap signing for Blues on transfer deadline day. Here is what you had to say about the controversial signing.

Thanks to everyone who sent their e-mails.

Ken George: “Unfortunately a retrograde step to old and past-it, not a hard working type of player, nor one that is disciplined. Just hope that Blues haven’t made a grave error in signing him.”

Mark Chapman, London: “I don't think he's any better than Stern John, but as cover for the others and keeping the bench warm for Benno, he's okay.”

Steven Hamilton: “I do not think that this is a good piece of business at all, he was good for a season and a half at Man U, has done nothing at Blackburn and his touch has completely deserted him - anyone who witnessed his appearance as a sub against Man U will testify to that.

"He has scored a pitiful 22 Premiership goals in the last four seasons, only 4 last term, so he is not the answer to our need for goals. With Heskey and Forssell I cannot see him getting in the team, he does not improve us as a side, he is 33 years old in November and we paid a fee for him! It beggars belief. He is surely just after one more payday. And I know he has been at two clubs since but you cannot ever get rid of that Villa smell.”

Angela Evans: ” Over the hill and a has been for years, O’ Leary didn’t want him and for good reason.”

Carl Smith, Birmingham: “You can never have too many strikers, let's hope he can still do it at this level though. I don't care if he's played for the Villa, I'm sure he'll love to score against them this season and they would be priceless goals!”

Jon Shaw: “Very strange signing!

“We already have competition for places up front with Forsell and Heskey.

“Morrison and John provide the cover so I am not quite sure why Bruce has signed a player who is well past his prime and isn't scoring many goals at this stage. I know we haven't been popping them in recently but I feel that will improve and I don't think Yorke is the answer. If Bruce was going to panic buy, last minute before the deadline I would have rather he spent the money on some younger, fresher talent like Rob Earnshaw or someone of that ilk.

“Fingers crossed but I think this one will end in tears.”

Glenn Johnson, Halesowen: “Well to say I was not happy this morning when I heard this would be an under statement, as this appears to me as a panic, why oh why did the club not go for Earnshaw if they really wanted a new striker?

“Yorke has not done anything since his early Manchester Utd days, so I don't expect him to set St Andrews alight.

”Can only see him being a squad player, and with reports that Forssell is carrying an injury.

”Just hope Steve Bruce knows what he's doing on this one, I've always trusted his judgment before so will see what happens.

”But as usual I will still cheer him on as he will be wearing the Blue Shirt of Birmingham.”

Michael England, Birmingham: “Terrible buy - turned down Champions League footie with Celtic to claim one last pay day with us & is probably looking forward to Broad Street on a Friday night!”

John McGale: “Good riddance to Dwight Yorke, to snub a team who is playing in the Champions League for a team that will be going nowhere, well that just shows his ambitions. To snub Celtic for Birmingham, who will no doubt finish mid-table and not qualify for the Champions League or UEFA Cup, well it says it all. We don’t need him anyway, we have Juninho!!”

“Up the Celts!!!!”

Geoff Hassell: “Oh that he'd done this earlier and left ‘Horizontal Heskey’ in Liverpool. Heskey is unable to stay on his feet for any length of time and and has the finesse of a runaway steam train.

“I am an ardent Blues fan and have no trouble with Bruce signing Yorke. He has style & class.”

Brendan Hartland, Great Barr: “Dwight Yorke has a great record as a playboy. No doubt he signed for Birmingham rather than Celtic because Brum is much nearer the bright lights of London. Nightclub owners in Birmingham and London must be delighted with Steve Bruce's latest signing. Let's all hope that Dwight does not lead some of the other players astray. Manchester United and Blackburn have shown him the door because of his lack of dedication to football. I can't see him changing now and I doubt he will contribute much to Birmingham's cause this season.”

Paul Oakley, Sutton Coldfield: “It was inevitable that the manager would want to bring in cover for the forwards. Top quality Premiership strikers are not in abundance and this, if it works out and Dwight is fit, looks a good bit of business.”

Jason Clarke: “It's amazing how one signing affects the enthusiasm felt before and during this season at Blues. I can't understand how Blues paid a fee for Yorke and Cole went for free and Ricardo Fuller at Portsmouth looks a steal on pay as you play deal.

“More importantly I can't understand why a player who made his name at Villa would willingly come and sign for Blues?

“At least Collymore was true to his roots and said he could never sign for us (thank god Mr Sullivan didn’t get his way).

“KRO the seasons taken a turn for the worse.”

Jeff Sutton, Birmingham: “Oh what joy! Anderton, Yorke and the Steve Bruce "dream ticket" of Clinton Morrison and Stern John. Forsell must already be on the phone to his agent to get him on the new Reality TV show "Get me out of here, just get me out of here.”

Ian Jordan, Lower Stonnall: “So what if he played for Villa?

“He is worth a gamble at 250k and if Bruce cant get the best out of him who can?

“Forsell seems shorn of confidence at the moment, I suspect he is a few weeks away from being fully fit and thrives on matches, and Yorke has the pedigree at this level that Morrison and John lack...

“Heskey and Yorke as with Heskey and Forsell seems a combination that will work.

“Great bit of business in my opinion and its the blue shirt he will wear now that matters not the clear one he discarded years ago.”

C.Merriman: “Has been, x-vile player, need I say more?”

Luke Marson: “I think it's good for Brum - being a Villa fan - as they've signed another misfit past his prime. I can't honestly see what someone of Steve Bruce's calibre wants in someone like Dwight Yorke. I'd be interested to see what Bluenose fans think of this - maybe north and South Birmingham may be united for once!!!”

Steven Brookes, Great Barr: “I think it’s a very shrewd piece of business by Steve Bruce, if he produces anything like the form he showed at Villa he will be a great signing for Blues. As a Villa fan myself he was a hero of mine and I never wanted him to leave. So welcome back Dwight.”

Nick Culhane: ” It doesn’t matter that he played for the Villa. He has the good sense to leave. It’s the players who go to the Villa from Blues who should be a target for the fans.”

The Cad: “Steve Bruce has put every Bluenose in an intolerable position. On a purely professional level it doesn't make any sense as Yorke only scored 4 goals for Blackburn last season and fell out with Souness because of his 'off-field' activities.

“Four goal-a-season forwards we already have in Morrison and John! The fact that he was such a prominent Villa player, and has been the subject of anti-Villa 'banter' makes it hard for a significant number of Bluenoses to full accept him.

“I wish him well, but not at the Blues!”

Trev, Kinghurst: “Of course the signing of another class striker is good news, regardless if he played for The Village or not. Now we have 3 `proven goal scorers` pushing each other for the 2 available spaces on the pitch. Yet another great piece of business from Sir Brucey.”

Olvin Stardust: “We needed another goal-scorer, he is a proven scorer - but he has baggage. Maybe he will settle down. Clinton Morrison and Stern John have been given enough chances.”

Gary Richards, Redditch: I think the signing of Dwight Yorke will prove to be another shrewd move on the part of Steve Bruce. I think all the talk will be about his Aston Villa connection, but that doesn't matter to me. He still has the quality and a fresh move away from Blackburn, and especially Souness will help show his goal scoring touch again. I wouldn't bet against him scoring at the Holte End. That would be interesting to see!

Gregg Rea: “He is not the first ex-Villa player to come to The Blues, I doubt he will be the last.

What matters are the performances that Dwight gives for The Blues. This is what he will be judged on as will all the other summer signings.”

Declan Cannon: “Yorke would only be a squad player for Celtic and has a good chance to play every week for City, that is why he signed for City.”