Tue, Aug


“God led me to this club.”

Marvin Andrews isn't a bad first signing from God as our new director, but I wonder if he could maybe try Messi or Ronaldo next?

Marvin Andrews' quotes are a little more interesting than the usual 'hoping to get a few games under my belt', and there was certainly a little buzz around Cliftonhill and a loud cheer whenever his name was announced.

There were even people asking for photos and autographs even at half time with the game waiting to restart. Most importantly however - he played well.

It was a tougher afternoon than his debut but he still looked a touch of class and a good addition to a depleted back line.

Saturday's game was a strange one. Going in, I wasn't expecting anything other that a defeat from the runaway league leaders.

However I left disappointed as for the second time we matched them for periods of the match and, for the second time this season against Queens, we missed a penalty at 0-0.

Who knows what would have happened had we went 1-0 up; maybe this would have sparked QOTS into action a little sooner and seen us beaten worse. But maybe just maybe it would have given us something to hold onto and defend and ended in an invaluable surprise win.

Either way it was a sickener. As was Queen's second goal which came from a penalty - which shouldn't have been given as the tackle was outside the box - and fantastically saved by debutant keeper Ryan Scully, only to be turned in by Derek Lyle who seemed to have strayed into the box before the kick was taken.

I guess that's how your luck goes when your down the bottom.

Unfortunately the weather didn't pick up for this weekend's match at the only hedge in Scottish football and one of my favourite grounds.

I heard the covers were down but I didn't have much hope that a game would be played. If it has been, it would have been a tough game in tough conditions and maybe the kind of challenge that would get the Crazy Gang team spirit right back in the team and push us on for the rest of the season.

Off the pitch it's a busy time for the Rovers as Todd seems keen on reshuffling his pack a few players have been released including the focus of much fan criticism Jason Crooks.

I'm sure Todd is looking desperately for people of the right level and mentality to bring in for the last leg of the season and I still believe its crucial we get a goal scorer in.

Easier said than done, I know, but it seems a shame that we have real quality creative players but little end product up front.

Maybe the answer has already came in a signing that slipped under the radar.

Mr Andrews claims we have not just signed him but God.

That's great Marvin but is God any good with the weather?