Sun, Oct

Kerwyn Jemmott, a Trinidad and Tobago national team midfielder, has come to the United States with the goal of taking his career to the next level. Mr. Jemmott, represented by MLF Sports, is working with his trainer, nutritionist, and coaches as he prepares for upcoming trials.

Kerwyn Jemmott, a midfielder who last played for the Superstar Rangers in the TT Pro League, has retained MLF Sports to locate opportunities outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Jemmott is currently working with MLF staff to move his career in a new direction while training in North Carolina, USA. Kerwyn will be working with trainers, nutritionists, and coaches here in the USA as he prepares for upcoming trials and a new start outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

"Although I have played for the top clubs in Trinidad and Tobago and I am known back home, its time for me to establish myself as a professional footballer in the US or Europe. I want to have the best chance to make the National Team for upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. I made the decision to work with professionals who will transition me from the pro-league in Trinidad to a professional club outside. It requires a lot of hard work and discipline, but I am committed to making it happen added Kerwyn Jemmott."

"Clearly everyone recognizes Kerwyn's roots as a top Trinidad player. We want to help him acquire skills to compete at a high level outside of the Caribbean and I am impressed with his discipline and dedication to the sport."

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