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The Cleveland City Stars hosted their first invite-only combine last month at the Brad Friedel Premier Soccer academy in Lorain.

Emerging from the combine as a truly skilled player was Terrence McAllister, a defensive midfielder who hails from Arima, Trinidad.

Coach Rod Underwood says that the decision to extend a contract to Terrence came due to his performance at the combine.

"He was very good on the ball, very committed to what he was doing," says Underwood.  "He didn't make a lot of mistakes, and athletically he looked good."

Terrence was one of 50 top professional free agents from around the globe to attend the combine.

"We put together an intriguing group of prospects," said Underwood. "This is another step-up for our organization to put on an invite-only camp at a venue as prestigious as Brad Friedl's."

Coach Underwood heard about Terrence from an agent who recommended the defensive midfielder.

"Terrence came in and did a good job and lived up to expectations. He was brought in with the thought of him challenging for a starting spot," says Underwood.

Terrence was excited about his reception at the combine, and attributes his strong performance to the dedication he has for the game.

"I apply the same dedication I have on the field to my lifestyle and with everything I do," Terrence explains, also crediting his upbeat attitude and ability to energize a crowd as aspects of his success.

Terrence was awarded in 2001 for his outstanding performance on the Trinidad and Tobago U-17 National Team and again in 2002 for his performance at the El Dorado Secondary School and both honors are certainly an indication of his hard work and drive.

Terrence mentions that he considers one of his strengths to be his good distribution of the ball and his positive team attitude.

"I believe we all may be stronger in some areas than others," Terrence states. "My strength is my defensive qualities, while others might be stronger offensively, I believe in making plays that allow my teammates to get in a position to score goals."

Off the soccer field, Terrence enjoys music and movies that embody his vigor and energy. Fast-paced movies like "Face Off," adrenaline-fueled video games and music by Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit get him geared up for game time.

But Terrence still values the quieter moments in life.

"The first thing I do after waking up is take time for a silent prayer," he says. "I like to run a couple of miles while listening to music to help me relax during the day."

Terrence uses these times to refuel, and find focus before giving it his all at every game, where Terrence also finds the fans as a source of energy and revitalization.

"My favorite city that I played in was Rio, Brazil," he says. "The city was so vibrant and the soccer fans were so intense and supportive of their team."

Surely he will get a boost from the Green Army and the enthusiastic City Stars Fans.