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Players and staff from Pro League club Central F.C. will be in attendance at the V.F. Ladies’ “Give Breast Cancer the Boot - All Female Football Tournament 2012'” at UWI SPEC on Sunday. This, the second year of the tournament, features teams from across the country playing to raise awareness of breast cancer charities.

Central F.C. Managing Director, Brent Sancho said that there was never a question of the competition receiving support from his club. “Central F.C. has made a commitment to support worthwhile community projects, and we saw this as an ideal opportunity to get involved in woman’s football as well as raising awareness of the need for women to get tested early, to increase their chances of full recovery.

Dealing with sensitive woman’s issues can be a difficult accomplishment in a male orientated sport, so we didn’t hesitate, especially when we saw the tournament has the backing of the Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Society .

Sancho said “Our Sharkettes promotion girls are all footballers and Central F.C. would love to enter a ladies team in next seasons WOLF league, and we will be exploring this option over the next few months.” The Sharkettes will be on display at the tournament, representing Central F.C. in the competition to be this seasons cup winners.

Central F.C. defender, Marc Leslie said “All of the lads here are 100% supportive of this initiative. Breast cancer is not only a major cause of death in women, it affects all ages, so no woman should be complacent.”

Central F.C. Assistant Coach, Kevin Jeffrey said he was delighted that his players were so supportive of the tournament. “For 8 weeks I have seen this bunch of young men work incredibly hard, not just to achieve superb fitness, but also to adapt to new coaching ideas. I’m proud of their toughness, their strength and their team spirit. But when I saw how keen they were to support a breast cancer tournament, it made me realise that these guys are real men, with heart and compassion”

Veteren midfielder, Marvin Oliver said “Some guys seem to think that breast cancer can’t affect them. But everyone of us has a mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, wives or girlfriends and at any moment this disease could devastate our lives. This is not a woman’s disease, they are the victims, but this is a disease that affects the human race as a whole. As a team, we are all behind this excellent initiative.”

Striker Anthony Wolfe added “The Sharkettes have been fantastic in promoting Central F.C. In fact I’m sure many supporters are more interested in them than us!! So we all feel that we need to get along to UWI SPEC on Sunday to give the girls some support and win Central F.C.s first trophy of the season.”

Operations Manager, Kevin Harrison said “Our sponsors have got involved with the tournament too, and we’re grateful to Ramsinghs Sports World for sponsoring this years trophies. We’ve had an incredible response from Central businesses, with companies like Ramsinghs Sports World and Montrose based Sew-Rite Variety Store contacting us and asking if they can help.”

Harrison said that there is a real buzz around Central about the team. “Everyone we speak to is excited that the Central Region is being represented in the Pro League. We are in discussions with some very large companies in the Point Lisas area as well as companies in Couva and Chaguanas.”

Sancho added “We had a very encouraging meeting with the Central Football Association, and both parties were pleased that our philosophies on youth football and development are very similar. I believe that the much needed rebuilding of Trinidad & Tobago football will be lead by people from Central.”

The “Give Breast Cancer the Boot - All Female Football Tournament 2012'” kicks off at 10 a.m at UWI Grounds, St Augustine on Sunday 14th October. Admission is free and there will be lots of fun to be had for the whole family. For more information go to the Give Breast Cancer the Boot - All Female Football Tournament 2012 facebook page.