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The Brazil Link company have snapped up Central FC's duo Willis Plaza and Yohance Marshall and will be their local representative.

 The Sport Executive to Brazil Link local born Narada Wilson will be the players new agent and Manager.

Willis Plaza and Yohance Marshall both reinforce the scientific theory that opposites do attract. Marshall sports the number 50 jersey and plays in the backline preventing anyone from passing him or even reaching close to his goalkeeper.

Plaza flaunts the number 1 shirt, traditionally for goalkeepers; he commands the frontline and finalizes all attacking plays.

At secondary school, Plaza was far east at Arima Senior Comprehensive, a standout attacker while Yohance was a stalwart at west-based St Anthony’s College.

One turn pro the other headed to the USA to attend university. However, the low numerical number-wearing striker is now the leading scorer since debuting for his club and the half century numbered defender is the least scored against.

Before both players signed for Central FC, the club had 11 goals for and 9 against them after 8 matches, since then the league statistics look better, with 25 goals for and 7 against in 12 matches.

Meaning Central FC’s scoring percentage has doubled. The defensive line has improved drastically with Marshall being a guarantee in all line-ups, paired alongside either Elton John, Jamal Jack, Akeem Benjamin and company, he posses the highest successful aerial challenge rate and even has the ability to dribble past attackers when necessary.

On the other hand, what brings these two together? Plaza and Yohance have both plied their trade in Asia prior to signing with the Central giants. Willis was based in Vietnam and Yohance defended for clubs in Thailand and Myanmar. 

The other interesting fact is that both players are clients of The Brazil Link and represented by Sport Executive Narada Wilson who handles all ‘off the field’ personal and professional affairs of his high profile clients.

Trinidad and Tobago prepares to play matches in Argentina and Brazil and calls for The Brazil Link duo are being voiced by all admires of the players. Maybe two persons have their spots booked on those flights, 1.Willis Plaza and 50.Yohance Marshall.

Narada Wilson meanwhile, also represent's Ahkella Mollon who currently plays professionally in Sweden and goalkeeper Zane Coker who is a free agent after his contact ended with Super League outfit Malabar FC last February. The goalkeeper is said to be heading to Miami soon were get gained interest from an undisclosed club there.