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North East Stars sale fails to go through.

DARRYL MAHABIR is still the owner of TT Pro League club North East Stars after a failed attempt by former San Juan Jabloteh and Central FC coach Terry Fenwick to purchase the franchise.

Mahabir, in a telephone interview yesterday, said: “Terry and another guy (name called) attempted to purchase the franchise, but based on procedural issues at the Pro League, they weren’t successful. So I would have retained the ownership of the franchise, at this point in time.”

Asked what were the procedural issues, Mahabir responded, “I prefer the Pro League say (what are) the procedural issues.” However, Pro League CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Dexter Skeene said that the League had no part to play in that matter, insisting that it is an issue between the club and the potential buyer.

“I don’t know what he’s specifically referring to. I’m not sure. He would be the best person – the best placed – to give that in detail, because it’s regarding his club.

“So he would know exactly what are the different factors why he couldn’t sell the club,” Skeene said.

The long-standing Pro League CEO pointed out, “A person is free to sell their club, that’s their business. The club is their business, so they could sell their club.

“The (main issue) is that anybody who’s coming into the League has to show that they’re financially able and equipped, as well as administratively, to run a club.” Skeene made it clear that the League had no say in that process, nor had any issue with Fenwick himself.

“Anybody (who is) selling a club, that’s between (both parties),” said Skeene. “They just have to prove to the League that the person is financially equipped to handle all the financial affairs of the club.” Contacted yesterday, Fenwick declined to elaborate on the transaction but said Mahabir was doing a terrific job as owner of North East Stars and wished him success.

Mahabir, when asked why he was selling the club, replied, “personal issues, as it relates to my business.” He noted, “I wouldn’t say financial.

I would say more on the basis of putting more of my energy into the business, which I have recently re-branded, Darryl’s Famous Foods, formerly Japs Fried Chicken.” With regards to whether or not he’ll plan to sell the team once more, Mahabir noted, “I am still in talks with the League as it relates to what is required for the sale of a franchise. As soon as they give that, then (I’ll decide).

I don’t know if Terry will still be interested. I can’t say.” Former Joe Public coach and national assistant tactician Derek King has asummed the role as North East coach for the 2017 season.