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The pendulum seems to have swung drastically within the corridors of the Sports Company of T&T (SporTT) and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. It was not too long ago, the rumours of promised payments by the former Minister of Sport to the Pro League was hot among social media and elsewhere. Then suddenly, we found out that this will not actually happen.

A newly appointed Minister of Sports has brought a shining light with loads of money for eight of the ten clubs and suddenly, the League’s kick off date is June 1.

Then the Cricket administrators decided to ride on that bandwagon, seeing that the precedent was set by the new Ministry of Sports.

It would not surprise me if the Super League and the Zonal Associations jump into the fray justifiably so seeking their handouts too.

Now, out of the minds of two different ministers, the decision to finance clubs who have made themselves professionals, have received a slap followed by a kiss, just by crying crocodile tears as a result of their failure to make their primary individual investment become profitable.

Quietly, the TTFA was not even concerned about the Pro League issue, seeing that they had absolutely no control of the “professionals”.

Actually, this absence of interest shown y the TTFA extends towards their own Zonal Associations, all of whom have been “scrunting” because many of their “affiliated clubs” have not been paying their registration fees and as soon as their results on the field became southward, they casually dropped out of the league, simply because they can no longer in line to get prize money and they will have to travel from venue to venue for matches away from their home venues.

If they happen to be in winning ways, then they will battle against their opponents, most of whom have paid their registration fees, referees’ payments and maintain the cutting process of their community fields.

Who cared when these administrators from the zonal areas were unable to pay their prize monies to winners in their zones, to the clubs which have honoured their financial commitments to be eligible to participate legally.

Funnily enough, this definition of “professional leagues” namely the “Pro League” and the “Super league” has no difference from all the clubs in the TTFA. There is NOT a single amateur organisation of Football in this country again.

The word Amateur was removed from the TAFA to TTFA, which means that all clubs could undertake the challenge of paying some of all of their players if they wish.

In other words, there is absolutely nothing wrong in a club decides to pay their players to play in the Zonal leagues.

The question is, will that allow them to receive financial assistance from the Ministry of Sports?

Eventually, the majority of footballers, especially those who play in the zonal leagues will become disgruntled and see themselves as bastards in a football family.

No wonder why we are witnessing horrible behaviour on and off the field, players disrespecting referees, and our zonal administrators have no hard feelings when they refuse to pay prize money, neither do they care if referees or players become exposed to the dangers of being confronted by ill-disciplined behaviour without any form of security to protect their players or spectators or even children alike.

Will some of the people who are party to this quagmire of football administrative confusion and unfair practices, sit up and lend your thoughts to the development of the greatest game in the world?

SOURCE: Trinidad and Tobago Guardian