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Molik made his T&T Pro League debut at just 15 years of age for W Connection, and still is one of the youngest on the team.

Where did you learn to play football?
I grew up playing football in a Savannah called the "horseshoe" located in my hometown Pleasantville.

Interests beside football?
I don't really do much beside football, just rock back and play a lil game with my brothers and them.

Advice given to you by senior players when making pro-league debut at 15?
Some of the senior players told me, just go out there and do my thing, be calm, do what I'm accustomed doing and just have fun.

How did it feel making your debut at such a young age?
It was a very good feeling. A very exciting moment to showcase my talent, but at a higher level.

Dream club to play at?
FC Barcelona. Ever since I was small I used to watch this team mainly because of Messi, and as the years went by I started to develop a love for the team.

Nicknames on the team?
I have two nicknames on the team, some call me "J-man", and others call me "Young Williams" which is an inside joke amongst ourselves.

Friends on the team?
Some of my friends include: Denzil Smith, Ronald Charles and Isaiah Garcia

Which player do you model your game after?
On the attacking side, I try as much to follow Ronaldinho. Some of the skills he did in the past attracted my interest and, I just try to follow him to give the defenders some trouble.

Where do you see yourself at aged 20?
I see myself outside playing for a professional club making my friends, family, everybody who looked for me and most importantly myself proud.

SOURCE: Total SporTT