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Pro League chairman Sancho welcomes the return of football.

Acting TT Pro League chairman Brent Sancho welcomed the return to football, even without spectators. While eager to kickstart the 2020/2021 competitive campaign, he believes there are still several meetings and discussions to be held with the executive and clubs to ensure a safe and secure environment going forward.

Committee members have already held positive talks via online meetings on a return to normalcy, post-covid19. Sancho affirmed there must be a clear understanding among the executive, clubs, players, officials and spectators to ensure all the required guidelines are adhered to.

“A fair understanding of the new guidelines must be appreciated. Sanitation and no spectators are integral to the success of coming leagues. Those discussions will be initiated very soon now that the announcement has been made,” he said.

The new TT Pro League season was originally scheduled to get underway in June but was pushed back due to the novel virus. Sancho however, guaranteed a swift return to local competition.

“We have made a decision that our youth league will commence shortly. Football will be played this year at the senior level. There is a buzz around the TT Pro League to resume but there are still procedures to go through. The TT Pro League is very much prepared to start playing football.

“T&T definitely needs football to play so we could focus on playing the sport and not on the circus that is going on outside of it. We must also have a better understanding in relation to sponsorships and that type of support. Additionally, the players have been laid off playing for quite some time so we also have to take those things into consideration as well,” he added.