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Sporting leagues must continue to wait

SPORTING leagues and competitions in T&T have not received the green light yet to resume.

On Wednesday, at the covid19 media briefing, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram was asked if sporting leagues will be allowed to resume. He said, "We will continue to make our recommendations from time to time based on the numbers, based on the occupancy to the honourable Prime Minister and honourable Minister of Health (Terrance Deyalsingh) and then ultimately the decision will lie with them in the coming weeks.

I am sure we will review certain aspects of what is still being viewed as closed in terms of sectors and we will make our recommendations as per usual, but nothing concrete has been made."

At a covid19 briefing on February 20, Minister of Sport and Community Development Shamfa Cudjoe said that sporting enthusiasts would be allowed to participate in outdoor recreational activities from February 22.

"I am here to simply announce that we are going to continue our roll back measures and today we are opening up to be able to have sporting activity taking place for recreational purposes."

Sports such as football and cricket can be held because Cudjoe said activities involving 22 people or less can take place.

Cudjoe added, "We are not going to open up yet for leagues and that type of large activity that may attract larger crowds, so I am pleased (about) this roll back feature and that we are getting ready to go out and play once again."