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Former North East Stars head coach Miguel Hackette is back at the Sangre Grande based club after two years and will be in charge for the rest of the 2008 season under the directive of owner Daryl Mahabir.
Hackette replaces Clint Marcelle to lead the Stars through the remainder of the season, a second change on coach by North East Stars this season. Marcelle held the position as head coach for four months after taking over from Kenrick Elie and lead the team from bottom of the table to now fifth.

Mahabir explained that the sudden change in coach came following continuous complications between management and the coaching staff and not because of results.

“Clint is a good coach and he has shown this by taking us from the bottom of the standings to where we are in fifth. But I don’t think he understands the philosophy Stars. We have had briefings with him on this and it seems that he is not getting the message.”

“It had nothing to do with results. It had to do with the general idea of football and the philosophy of the North East Stars football club,” continued the Stars owner.

Hackette, a former coach of Super League club Crab Connection, retired his position as head coach of North East Stars in 2006 due to illness.

But as Mahabir explains, Hackette is in better physical condition and is ready to lead to Stars on for the rest of the season.

“Miguel (Hackette) understands the philosophy of North East Stars. He also had good results for us in the past and there was no hesitation in handing over the position to him as head coach for the rest of the season,” said Mahabir.

“We have always kept a close relationship with Miguel. He will come to see us play, especially when we play in the north, so he has a good understanding of our players.”

Hackette took over the team this week and is said to be getting full support by his players.

Aiming to finish in the Big Six and strong performances in the Toyota Classic and FA Trophy competitions, Mahabir’s words to his club’s supporters, were, “Don’t give up. We will finish strong.”