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Joe Public has announced this week that contracts of veteran players Arnold Dwarika, Gary Glasgow and Lyndon Andrews will not be renewed for the 2009 season.

The shocking news came following Joe Public early vacation following their exits in the Toyota Classic and FA Trophy competitions—both of which the Eastern Lions were defending this season.

Joe Public finished this season without silverware and fifth in the League Championship.

Managing Director of Joe Public, Daryll Warner explained that the club will now face a restructuring period while removing from the overseas signings.

“The decision to release the following players was taken by Joe Public FC Management and is consistent with the club's restructuring and renewed dependence on players from our youth system,” said Warner.

Warner hopes to select players from their youth and Super League systems that will add to the remaining players contracted with the club.

Following Dwarika, Glasgow and Andrews out the door are Jamaicans Wolry Wolfe, Roen Nelson and Christopher Harvey, Dexter Thornhill, Silas Spann, Andre Charles Foster, Kerry Noray, Anthony Bennet, Shane Calderon, Newton Sterling and Marcelle Francois.

Joe Public have also suffered coaching problems with interim caretaker Micahel Mc Comie returning to national duty with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation in September.

Barbadian Keith Griffith came into the fold and after less than six weeks he too was gone leaving assistant Derek King with the portfolio for the rest of the season.

“In similar fashion to top European clubs where the motto is  "Mas cantera, menos de fuera!" ("More from the youth team and less signings from outside!"), Joe Public FC intends to depend less on overseas signings, players with inflated egos and lacking commitment, and focus on youth players who have the burning "hunger and desire" to compete at the top level,” continued Warner in his statement.

“To those where much is given, much is expected in return. Sadly, apart from notable victories in the inaugural 2008 CONCACAF Champions League, the 2008 Pro Team management and players failed to realize team targets and goals,” Warner ended.

However no announcement was made whether or not King, a former player with the Lions and Trinidad and Tobago, will continue as coach of Joe Public in 2009.