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A "sad feeling right now".

That's how Trinidad and Tobago and Defence Force striker Devon Jorsling described his team's emotions over the badly-broken leg that caused his club and country teammate Kevon Carter a six-month layoff.

Carter was injured on Friday by a tackle from St Ann's Rangers defender Elijah Belgrave during their First Citizens Cup quarter-final at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella.

Jorsling and Carter are long-time friends, having played youth football together, as well as schools football, and now for the Army/Coast Guard outfit.

Carter was due to undergo surgery in Gulf City yesterday afternoon to reset the leg and will miss the Digicel Cup, which kicks off later this month for T&T.

"It's a sad felling right now," Jorsling said during Monday's training session for the national team, "but that's part and parcel of the game. We know we have to get over that, we know that he is one of the important persons (for Defence Force), but we'll have to get over that and keep going through the season."

The T&T striker revealed the Army struggled to finish Friday's match after Carter was injured.

"On the day," Jorsling related, "it was hard to get through the game. We struggled to beat Rangers, and they were down to nine men. But we practised this morning and all the guys were up for it."

Defence Force coach Ross Russell added that his team have not yet gotten over the injury to Carter.

"The guys (are not) coping so well as yet. They ain't get over it yet, still a big talk about it. So it have a lot of soul searching, a lot of talking to be done to get (the team) back to normal.  You know Army... once an injury goes to them, they study war. So we try to keep them calm, so they won't go at the football in a different light."

Russell said Carter's career was really taking off and pointed out there were offers for him and clubs in the US and UK had already begun to show interest in Jorsling and Carter, the lethal attacking pair who had Defence Force unbeaten atop the Pro League standings this season.

"At the time it was a little tough when it happened, because you know soldiers will be soldiers. When something like that happens, they like to react. And I as the leader, I didn't want nothing stupid to happen," added Russell.