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You wouldn’t doubt that his number one sport is football and you certainly would not question that Dwight Yorke is his favourite player.

After all, he’s been named after the former Manchester United treble winner.

Fourteen-year-old Dwight Yorke has a hell of a shot with both feet but favours his left. He’s currently a student at Trinity East and these days he’s improving his skills at the T&T Football 7 Academy.

Yorke attends training sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings as well as Saturday mornings at the Academy base, located a stone throw away from his school, at the Henry Street Recreation Ground in Trincity. And there he gets to rub shoulder with his other favourite player, Stern John.

“Well Dwight is my favourite player, just like Cristiano Ronaldo. He (Yorke) was the player I grew up hearing about and seeing videos. My father used to tell me a lot about him. But I like Stern John as well. He could score a lot of goals. I remember him scoring plenty goals in the 2006 World Cup (campaign),” said Yorke, a former standout for Arima Boys RC in the Atlantic LNG National Primary Schools League.

“Now to have this opportunity to work with Stern almost every day is a great thing for me. He encourages me and tells me I have to work harder. I think I have to keep on improving and my fitness needs to get better. Stern is helping me with this.

“My dad was a big fan of Dwight and he gave me that name because he wanted me to be like Dwight. I grew up playing the game in Cleaver, every morning and evening. I really kept trying to become better. I won the MVP awards in the Primary Schools League for three years. But I want to win more things so I am working towards that.

“I remember last year I went to Tobago to play a tournament and Dwight’s house was near to the ground and he came over to meet me. It was an honour. I will never forget that. I hope someday I could become something in the game so everytime I come to training I want to learn something new and I want to make my game better,” the young Yorke added.