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Trinidad and Tobago's Stephen Olliviere (#6) protects the ball from a Puerto Rican defender while Riquelme Phillips (#15) looks on during a Concacaf Boys U-15 Championship match on August 8th 2023.

THE EDITOR: Reading Anton Corneal's media article outlining his vision for future youth team development, I find it imperative to address the recently concluded U15 CONCACAF tournament in the Dominican Republic.

Firstly, I wish to extend my congratulations to the players for their exceptional efforts on the field despite the glaring lack of necessary support or respect from the governing association.

Consider this, after dedicating 18 months to training and hard work, these young boys were handed used jerseys from the senior team, with their names on the back covered by black tape.

Imagine, after all that time and effort, these boys were instructed to return their travel jerseys upon arriving back in Piarco.

It's astonishing that even after 18 months, the authorities couldn't manage a simple task like providing proper kits for each player, resulting in Trinidad and Tobago's being the worst-dressed team in the tournament.

I'm certain that further investigation into the team's accommodation and meals will likely unveil more instances of sheer incompetence by the administration that mishandled these dedicated representatives of TT.

Given this deeply rooted culture of incompetence within the administration, one must question the rationale behind granting funding to the current administration.

So, I pose the question: Are we truly taking this seriously?


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SOURCE: T&T Newsday