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Andre Marchan gets help from a Uruguay player.They say that goalkeepers in particular are different to all other football players. They prepare differently for the game and in practice they have their own type of training with a separate coach most times.

And like Andre Marchan attests, they have their own mental thing happening on matchday. It’s quite simple for the former Under 20 goalkeeper who conceded a goal a game in each of T&T’s 1-1 draws at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“Before the game I listen to music and I go into my own world,” Marchan said. “It helps me to take everything off my mind and I try to just focus on what is to come in the 90 minutes. I listen to anything from rap, hip hop and of course soca.

Different athletes do different things but before I go in goal, music gets me ready. It’s a bit different for us as goalkeepers before a split second can change things, it’s either we make the save or the goal is scored on us and that can change the result,” Marchan added.

Looking back at the Pan Am performance, he added: “We worked hard as team and my defenders were really solid.

We will try to build on this for the Olympic qualifiers because we really want it badly…to qualify for an Olympics and then move on to a World Cup Finals.”