Sat, Feb

Griffith calls off Commissioner's Cup.

COMMISSIONER of Police Gary Griffith said that the second annual Commissioner’s Cup, carded to start in August, will not be played because of the suggestion by Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Roshan Parasram and Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh to not play youth sports because of covid19.

Griffith, speaking at a media briefing on Monday, said, “The TT Police Service we are fully aware of the importance of safety and security of this country. We have been the frontline organisation to ensure that the covid pandemic remains in such a way that will not affect the health of individuals and the safety of the country, so we automatically would take the recommendation by the CMO and the Minister of Health.”

Griffith said the Commissioner’s Cup is off. “So if the CMO has a concern as it pertains to a football tournament we will adhere to it…if there is a concern about the Commissioner’s Cup, which is something that was to be used as a catalyst towards getting young persons to remain healthy, to stay away from crime and to utilise their energies in the right manner, but there is a concern by the CMO then obviously we will not have the Commissioner’s Cup.”

Griffith said he is still concerned why people are allowed to gather at water parks and people are permitted to take part in casual sporting activities.