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Real West Fort United and national pool player Jahiem Mc Fee, left, presents a Crystal Stream Government Primary School teacher with protective masks for SEA students. At right is club technical director Ron La Forest -

NEWLY formed local football club, Real West Fort United on Wednesday distributed over 100 branded masks to several primary schools in western Trinidad.

Real West Fort United and national pool player Jahiem Mc Fee was accompanied by club technical director Ron La Forest to deliver the masks ahead of the SEA examination which took place on Thursday.

St Peter's RC, Point Cumana, Crystal Stream Government and Diego Martin Government Primary School were all beneficiaries of the club’s gesture.

According to a statement by the club, the principal of St Peter's RC Primary School expressed gratitude for the donation and also requested a partnership with Real West Fort United to provide coaching support to the institution when school resumes.

La Forest was fully committed to the suggestion saying, “This is what Real West Fort United is about, we want to create lasting change in all communities west of Fort George specifically and the country as a whole. Miss, we will be back and working with you. Your school will be a champion team soon.”

In Petit Valley, at Crystal Stream Government, Mc Fee, 18, returned to his former primary school to distribute masks.

The Principal was delighted with the donation and said it would be useful is students forget to bring their mask on an already stressful day.

Another senior teacher at Diego Martin Government, who collected on behalf of the school, expressed her thanks for the initiative.

Real West Fort United director Gordon Pierre said the donations were in keeping with the club's vision of being more than just a football team, but also a change agent and leader in providing solutions to societal problems, in this case covid19.

Recently, the local football club formed a partnership with the TT Manufacturer’s Association which saw the club receive sanitisation stations and sanitisers to use before and after training sessions at the team's home ground near the Diego Martin Sporting Complex.