Tue, Jul


A double from Kyle Bartholomew helped Trincity Nationals to a place in the final of the Republic Bank Youth Football Tournament. The game will be played on August 15.

Bartholomew scored in each half to steer his team to a 2-0 victory over AYM, last Sunday on Eddie Hart Ground in Tunapuna. Playing in the Under-17 age group, Trincity Nationals were in fine form, marching to the final after losing just one of its three group matches, scoring five goals and conceding two.

Trincity Nationals topped Group A with six points while AYM were in similarly good form in Group B winning all three of their matches to advance to the final. AYM, however, was not impressive in front of goal, scoring just three goals.

In the Under 15 division, goals from Dyton Debelo and Charles Delzin gave Young Cannons a 2-1 victory over La Horquetta and a place in the final. La Pastora Youth SC qualified for the final in the Under-12 Age Group with La Horquetta Young Lions booked a place in the Under-10 Division final.

Teams in this year’s tournament will vie for over $70,000 in prizes, as well as 120 scholarships valued at $200,000, to the Republic Bank Football Cup, which will be held during the Easter and summer vacation period.

The camps, which are part of Republic’s “Power to Make a Difference” Programme, was launched in November 2003. Seven preliminary rounds will be played throughout T&T with the top 10 teams from each age group qualifying for the finals at the Queen’s Park Savannah on August 15.