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PRISON Services Football Club have made significant adjustments to their game and are reaping immediate benefits as they sit on top the Super League after six matches.

Prisons FC placed third last year in the TTFA Super League which was their best ever placing in the tournament but they ought to strive for better this season.

A satisfied coach Anderson Veronique explained, “We learnt from the Ascension league that we weren’t converting our chances and moving the ball fast enough. So, we are trying to prevent defensive errors and moving the ball faster forward in transition so we could convert our possession into goals.”

Veronique gave insight on another addition made by the coaching staff which seems to be instrumental thus far in the season.

He said, “We have improved on taking statistics from our matches so that we can focus our training based on the data found.”

Recently, there have been several football leagues playing across the country simultaneously but Veronique confirmed that his team will be staying in the Super League reason being that their coaching staff is too limited in resources. Also, elated on the commendable start of the season is manager Idrees Mohammed, he said, “We have a great bunch of talented guys who work hard everyday to achieve one goal which is to win the Super League this year and make the Prisons Service proud.”

However, he stated a major limitation to their success is the lack of funding.

“Sponsorship is a significant hiccup as we have been rallying three seasons now without any substantial assistance. Prisons FC is pleading to the business community for assistance as they excel in the field of play.”

One of Prison FC’s top performer is Nathan Julien, he shouldered his team throughout the season last year by scoring 19 goals which was good enough for him to finish second in the goals tally.

The lanky, skillfull striker extended his scoring form into this season as he is currently leading scorer with 8 goals and has aspirations of suiting up for the red-black and white. The 27 year-old said, “I would love to represent my country, it`s been my boyhood dream.” At the moment, Prisons FC lead the Super League with 13 points including 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat followed by Police FC with 10 points and Bethel United with same amount of points.

SOURCE: T&T Newsday