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Lee Davis, Vice President of Prisons FC

Lee Davis, a vice president of Prisons FC, has joined the race for the presidency of the T&T Super League which is expected to be contested when the organisation holds its annual general meeting (AGM) and election of executive officers on September 19.

Davis is the holder of a Masters Degree in International Finance and promises to use his expertise and experience to solve the issues of compliance, as well as to strengthen the positioning of the clubs and the league in the future.

Davis who comes highly recommended as the vice president of the T&T Football Referees Association and chairman of the East Zone has been announced a slate that includes Eddison Dean, as the first vice president, second vice president Andre Barnard, who is involved in football in the Southern Football Association (SFA), and ordinary members George Joseph, Nicholas Gopaul and Kurt Henry, another member of the referees association.

Davis said he was encouraged to enter the elections race by a colleague of his at his club, but outside of that, he has a real problem with the way the sport is being managed, particularly by those wanting to splash money to dependent clubs and leagues, which he believes is not the solution to the problems being faced now.

Davis told Guardian Media Sports: "I was involved in football for the last 25 years as a referee. I was an international referee, I was involved in the referees' committee at the TTFA level and I feel I can play my part and try to help in any way possible. One of the things that are really bugging me is the set of money that some people want to throw into the football. I don't think that will help the clubs and it will not help the sport. The clubs and League don't understand that they can manage their own affairs and be more self-sufficient and self-reliant while managing their own finances instead of looking for handouts and hand-me-downs."

Davis is set to face challenges from Ryan Ottley, the Defence Force team manager who was instrumental in ensuring that his team which was among seven Super League clubs that we alleged to have been suspended by the TTFA, became fully compliant, as well as Kieron Edwards, the Eastern Football Association (EFA) president. Edwards said once he's successful he will step down as EFA president.

On August 27, the alleged suspended TTSL clubs (Central 500, Defence Force, Harlem Strikers, Marabella Family Crisis Centre, Tobago Phoenix, WASA and the Youth Stars) got renewed hopes of having being reinstated as full members for the first time since 2018 when T&T Football Association General Secretary Amiel Mohammed said the TTFA has no documentation to show that any Super League clubs were suspended by the TTFA.

Davis said that the compliance issue being faced now is a result of poor governance and procedures, and finance issues. "A simple thing like a club, no matter how uncomplexed it supposes to be, the mere writing up of a constitution should not be rocket science."

SOURCE: T&T Guardian