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Outgoing T&T Super League President, Clayton Morris

FORMER Strike Squad captain Clayton Morris thanked those who made his eight-month tenure as T&T Super League president a learning experience.

Morris did not put his name in the hat to get re-elected at the TTSL Annual General Meeting, on Sunday. Lee Davis is the new TTSL president. Morris, who congratulated the new board, said, “Upon receiving the blessings at the last TTSL elections my intention was to serve rather than dominate and move towards humility rather than prominence.

“I am truly blessed and thankful to God for the opportunity to have served on the TTSL board as president for the past eight months. I am much wiser and richer now administratively mainly because of fellow board members who gave their fullest support along the way.”

Morris encouraged his team while president to give their all in everything they do. “In my inaugural meeting with the board, I requested from them whatever we do let’s include love. You don’t have to like me as an individual or each other, but let us put love into whatever responsibilities we are entrusted with and demonstrate the trust our membership placed upon us to take charge of its business. The past eight months have been a learning experience for me which I am happy to have teamed up with patriots who want the very best for their respective clubs, TTSL and T&T football.”

Morris made special mention of a few people. “Thanks and appreciation to (experienced football official) Mr Osmond Downer for your continued constitutional advice and input…thanks to the entire membership. Special thanks to those for the effort in fulfilling your administrative duties (not all on time), but for the effort to do the correct thing. Thanks to fellow board members - first vice-president Jameson Rigues, second vice-president Eddison Dean (and) board members George Joseph, Colin Murray, Anderson Veronique and league secretary Peter Thomas.”

SOURCE: T&T Newsday