Sun, May


New T&T Super League president Lee Davis is working on forming a COVID-19 policy to ensure his members are active whenever government gives the okay to resume play in 2022.

Discussion on this began last week but the membership will meet for a second time before Christmas, Davis said, and this time they will have as part of their decision-making an official from the Ministry of Health.

Speaking to Guardian Media Sports on Sunday Davis said he just wants to be prepared for when football starts. To date, he and his executive were able to accomplish a few things administratively.

Hev said: "We passed the financials and we have the budget that we also looked at. The board came together with the executive membership, we didn't have any issue with that, so right now we're just trying to get the committees up and running. We're looking to organise a COVID policy so hopefully next week we can get that going. The board will come up with some ideas and document it so we can capitalise on the government's thrust to start back sports, or football."

However, Davis and his members could be in for a major challenge, following a recent march by a group of football enthusiasts last month, to convince Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram, and other members of the government's decision-making team to allow football to play.

The march which took place throughout the streets of Port-of-Spain on November 10, attracted the presence of police officers and it came as a result of the health minister's refusal to grant permission to the Ascension Football Tournament organisers to host an event.

Apart from presenting fully vaccinated members for the League, Ascension officials also provided a list of some 20 guidelines they intended to implement to ensure the safety of the league and its members.

Quizzed about that, Lee said: "We anticipate the same challenges too because there was a drive a couple months ago, the TTFA (T&T Football Association) tried to get people to go forward but there was a little bit of hesitancy. We could debate why that happen, but it's to find out where the gaps really lie coming from the clubs and come up with the best plan.

"I don't want to pre-empt that because it's a political issue on the one hand and a personal issue on the next, and of course, a health issue as well. That was the plan. We had already discussed that, so I guess when we do have the board meeting we can decide how, but we did decide to have a health official there in the meeting with us, plus there are other policies that we want to put together."

Lee who became the League's president in September, said that another issue he is watching carefully is whether there will be a unified league in 2022 or if the Super League will have its own competition.

The unified league is being put together by the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee but it needs the support of both the Super League and the T&T Pro League for it to become a reality.